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Release Date: June 2020

Black Girl Magic Sprinkles

"Even if you haven't seen it, doesn't mean you can't achieve it; because with just a sprinkle of your Black Girl Magic, you can be it!"

Black Girl Magic Sprinkles is a story about a young girl named Trinity, who dreams of one day being a teacher. However, she is discouraged because she does not often see women who look like her in successful jobs. She stumbles upon a jar of Black Girl Magic Sprinkles, and is shown endless opportunities. It takes this encounter for her to realize that Black Girl Magic lives within her and she can be anything she wants to be.

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Release Date: November 2020


The Crew, Beyond What You See is a children's book, created for young readers from birth to age 10. This book tells the story of a group of young African-American boys who have goals to become beyond the stereotypes placed upon them. It is a highly engaging story, with vibrant and detailed illustrations to keep young readers attention, while also continuing to encourage our youth to DREAM BIG!

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Release Date: May 2021

See You Later Uncle Tony is a loving story, written and illustrated by the dynamic duo, Chaunetta Anderson and Nana Melkadze. It is a relatable children’s tale, created to address the emotions a child may feel when having to leave someone they love.

This story is told from the perspective of a five-year-old, who has a beloved uncle in the military. She can’t wait to finally see her Uncle Tony, who is in the Army. She has never seen him in, “real life.” Although she sees and talks to him on her tablet, she is so excited for the road trip to see him in person.

But, she quickly realizes how hard goodbyes are.

She learns,

“It’s never goodbye, but always, see you later.”

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